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DM/World Building Resources

Title Description Link
AnyDice If you need to math out probabilities, this is the place to go.
donjon Website with a TON of generators: Names, encounters, dungeons, etc.

Behind the Tables Reddit compendium with random tables for just about anything you can think of.
Building/Room Sizes How big should a room or building be? See here. These are modern values, but good for rule-of thumb.
Fantasy Name Generator ALL THE NAMES. No seriously, there are a ton of name times. But use your own judgment when picking them.
Medieval Demographics Made Easy This is a brilliant page, explaining how country populations, towns, castles, etc. should be figured, how many shops of a type should be present, etc. Nerd out.
The Domesday Book A calculator using MDME as its source.
The Numberless Hordes Website explaining how big a medieval army could be, based on a country's population.
Encounter Calculator Made by me. Not 100% user friendly, but lets you determine (roughly) how difficult an encounter will be. Uses the 5e DMG as source for calculation method. Click here to download.
Speed Calculator Also made by me. Gives travel times for different travel methods. I've noted a few bugs. Your results may vary. Click here to download.

Last updated 5 January 2017